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The majority of incidents can be treated on-site with First-Aid, limiting workflow interruption.

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Employees are Valued
Virtual assessment provides an opportunity to be face-to-face and know you are heard and seen.
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Near Real-Time Assessment with an advanced care licensed provider within minutes
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Standardized care across the organization to advise treatment and when necessary direct to the appropriate level of care
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24/7 - 365 Provider accessibility including follow-up and case management

How It Works

  • Face-to-Face HIPPA compliant video assessment with a licensed provider
  • Assessment Triage and treat patients within minutes of incident
  • Employ a proprietary First-Aid kid to provide appropriate level of care on-site
  • Work with on-location safety managers and supervisors along side our 200+ nationwide clinic partners
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More than a Triage Service, we are a Total Injury Management Solution

Case Management

  • From the moment a call is a received our Case Management team is engaged. Once involved, they will assist in conducting and coordinating all follow up calls, scheduling assistance for any necessary referral or specialist visits.

    This team plays a direct role in staying connected to partner clinics in the event of referrals and in the event we need to request documentation on behalf of our clients. Our extensive case management and clinic partnerships are critical to supporting your safety teams, workers comp coordinators, human resources, etc. Our team will be engaged from the moment the initial call comes in until the employee has been cleared to return to full duty and the case is officially closed; including assistance in supporting your team in any dealings with your WC carrier.

    OCC manages each case throughout the entire process
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Proprietary First-Aid

Our proprietary First-Aid lunchbox and bag are American National Standards Institute (ANSI) compliant and ensure your job site has all the necessary tools and supplies to provide a guided appropriate level of care.

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Clinic Coordination

As of 2023, OptiCare Connect is licensed in 48 states and are proud to partner with companies spanning 38 states.With over 200 affiliated clinics nationwide, regardless of your employee's physical location, the OptiCare Connect team ensures a heightened standardization of care.

We assess and treat a variety of workplace injuries, and if needed, refer your employees to the appropriate levels of additional care. While our main objective is to enhance the standard of care for your employees, we also aim to minimize workflow disruptions, facilitating a prompt and secure return to work. This not only improves the quality of care for your employees but also saves your organization time and money.

Our team gets to work right away identifying clinics in closest proximity to our partners' job locations. OptiCare providers have a longstanding established peer-to-peer relationship that allows us to strategically manage the care of your employees from the initial call through any additional care or specialist visits needed.

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