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The OCC Difference

Our core brand values are the foundational beliefs that our company upholds. These values serve as the guiding principles that shape our brand narrative, influence our actions and behaviors, and steer our decision-making process.



We are dedicated to continual growth, evolution, and advancement in all that we do. Our commitment to progress means we're always striving to be better, innovate, and lead the way towards a brighter future.



We hold probity as our foremost value. We are committed to unwavering integrity, honesty, and transparency in all our actions and dealings. Our ethical foundation is the cornerstone of trust, and it guides us to always do what is right, even when no one is watching.



We understand that each individual is unique, and we celebrate those differences. Our commitment to personalization means your experience with us is tailored precisely to your needs, preferences, and aspirations.



We recognize the significance of your time and pledge to provide swift, efficient, and timely service in all our interactions. Your time is valuable, and we consistently strive to meet your expectations by delivering prompt solutions.



We take pride in our expertise, skills, and mastery in our field. Our commitment to proficiency guarantees that you receive nothing but the highest quality, reliability, and excellence in all our offerings.



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Our Story

In 2019, OptiCare Connect emerged as a pioneering industrial telemedicine company, founded by a dedicated group of healthcare professionals. Our visionary team was inspired by insightful client discussions that uncovered a pressing need for top-tier, efficient injury management solutions within corporate environments. The origins of the company were rooted in their renowned clinic, On-Site Medical Solutions. Here, clients experienced exceptional care and fervently wished for similar services to be accessible nationwide. OptiCare Connect's mission swiftly took shape: to bridge this gap and spearhead a transformative journey in remote injury management, all under the innovative banner of the OCC model.

At the heart of OptiCare Connect's ethos were the principles of productivity, probity, personalization, promptness, and proficiency. Their commitment extended beyond mere transactions, evolving into genuine partnerships with their clients. Their ambition was clear: to become an indispensable component of a company's injury management process, a collaborator so deeply woven into the fabric that the mere thought of their absence would unsettle. This aspiration was to be achieved by delivering unparalleled care to employees, reducing recordable incidents, saving precious lost time, and conserving valuable company resources.

Focused on efficiency and effectiveness, OptiCare Connect introduced a comprehensive injury management approach. Advanced practice providers conducted face-to-face assessments, enabling over 70% of injured employees to remain at work. For those requiring further care, OptiCare Connect had established strong relationships with vetted occupational medicine clinics. Additionally, they meticulously documented injuries, providing visual healing timelines for reference. To further empower their clients, they offered an employer portal, facilitating seamless communication and documentation. OptiCare Connect's enduring commitment to excellence and client-centric care continued to weave a tapestry of wellness and productivity, reshaping workplace healthcare one success story at a time.