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On-Site Injury Response Management Solutions
Our clients experience a
reduction in
recordable injuries
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Round-the-Clock Care
We're on call 24/7, ensuring you have health support whenever you need it.
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Immediate Assessment
Treat and Triage patients within minutes of incident / Provider access is given immediately.
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Case Management
OCC manages each case throughout the entire process. From start, to facility information transfer, follow-up, and case closing.
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Transparent Pricing
Fixed monthly rates save our partners an average of 50% over our competitors. Know your costs upfront with no hidden surprises.

OptiCare Connect is Always Present, Always Prepared

Our team maintains connections with over 200 certified medical facilities throughout the United States. With clients having site locations nationwide, regardless of your employee's location, the OptiCare Connect team ensures a heightened standardization of care. We assess and treat a variety of injuries, and if needed, refer your employees to the appropriate levels of additional care. While our main objective is to enhance the standard of care for your employees, we also aim to minimize workflow disruptions, facilitating a prompt and secure return to work. This not only improves the quality of care for your employees but also saves your organization time and money.

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Licensed in 48 states, active in 38
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