Our Team

Prefer a familiar face? We do too! At OCC we know first-hand, that bigger is not always better.

Our Partners work with the same familiar faces whether they are looking to update current safety policies & standards, coordinate an upcoming site-visit, or an employee is in need of a face-to-face assessment. The OptiCare Connect Team is up-to-speed on your unique workplace, common injuries that may occur, and have a real relationship with the closest medical facility should you need it.

Frank Guarisco
Frank Guarisco, NP
COO, Partner
Bruce Sylvas
Bruce Sylvas, NP
CEO, Partner
Dustin Vincent, MD
Medical Director, Partner
Laura Russo
Laura Russo
Managing Partner
Andrew Woods
Andrew Woods
Chief Business Development Officer
Diarie Decoteau
Dairie Decoteau
Director of Operations, RN
Makenzie Stricker
Director of Case Management, RN