If there is a need to refer out, how is communication managed?

If our Providers deem it necessary to refer out, your team will be notified via email or text message immediately informing that this incident is in need of additional medical attention or assessment that cannot be provided virtually.

What if we would like another party, Safety/Supervisor, to partake in the call?

It is always nice to have, however, if the injured party would prefer privacy or doesn’t feel comfortable with someone else in the room, we will request that your team honors their wished prior to initiating the assessment or any guided first aid.

What if something happens in the middle of the night on second or third shift?

Our services are available 24/7 365. And, we always have a contingency plan. We always maintain a Primary Provider, Secondary and Tertiary.


While a computer/laptop can be used, we strongly recommend a Tablet, Cellphone and/or iPad. The mobility of the latter 3 devices also to more easily taking photos of the injury that has occurred and where.